Kind LED Bar Lights Are Now Available

August 16, 2016

Kind LED Bar Lights Are Now Available

The wait is over Kind LED Bar Lights are now available at GrowersLights! These bar lights are perfect for supplemental light or as a primary light source for commercial greenhouses or indoor grow applications. They come in 2', 3' and 4' lengths with two primary spectrums; Vegetative and Flowering which have two sub-categories; Macro and Micro.  Macro consists of the major spectrums needed for robust growth or flowering and the Micro consists of the minor spectrums such as UV and IR. Thanks to the low profile sealed design KIND LED Bar Lights can be used in an infinite number of ways in a wet or dusty environment. 

Kind LED Bar Lights can be used in the following applications:

  • Edge lighting in grow tents to aid in filling out large plants
  • Indoor and greenhouse supplemental lighting applications
  • Multilevel and/or vertical growing applications 
  • Primary light source using multiple bars.

  - Kind LED Bar Lights Quick Buying Guide -

To Use as a Full Spectrum Supplemental Light or as a Primary Light -  Use two Macro Spectrum Bar Lights with one Micro Spectrum Bar Light in a three bar group for a horizontal or vertical setup. This mix will give you the perfect 12-band spectrum that is found in all of Kind LED's traditional LED grow lights.

To use as a Supplemental Light - Lean more toward the Macro Spectrum Bar Lights without Micro Spectrum Bar Light.

Kind LED Bar Light groups can be spaced up to 12" apart or close together for maximum intensity

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