NextLight Veg8 Review

November 21, 2016

NextLight Veg8 Review

Those trusty old fluorescent lights have served us well for many years using them for seedlings, clones, and keeping our mother plants happy and thriving. Until now there hasn’t been much competition from LED manufacturers aimed at the common 8 bulb fluorescent grow light fixture until NextLight released the Veg8 promising a true replacement.

So, let’s take a closer look at the NextLight Veg8 and see how it compares to a traditional 8 bulb T5 fluorescent grow fixture…

Looking at the comparison chart below it’s clear that the Veg8 has roughly an 18% edge over the 8 tube T5 fixture in light intensity measured in PAR.  We also see that the Veg8's light fills the same 2’ x 4’ space quite nicely. Looking at the spectrum comparison it’s easy to see that the Veg8’s more complete spectrum has an advantage which should facilitate healthier overall plants. And the fact that the Veg8 uses less than half the power of a traditional 8 bulb T5 fixture is an excellent benefit. And of course, less power and more efficient technology equals less heat output to deal with.

So far it’s looking good for NextLight’s Veg8 against the 8 bulb T5 but seeing is believing. NextLight was kind enough to create a time-lapse grow video of a side by side comparison, so check out the video below.

The result shows that both lights produced an identical grow.

The Veg8 is rated at 100,000 hours which is a very long time. If used for a regular vegetative light cycle of 18 hours a day on and 6 hours off, it will last a little over 15 years of continuous use. The Veg8 is also UL certified for damp or dry locations such as commercial grows or greenhouses. Of course, it’s good for home use as well.


Here at GrowersLights we think the Veg8 is more revolutionary than evolutionary in terms of potential impact on traditional indoor growing. Its technological superiority over common 8-bulb fluorescent grow fixtures is easily seen and the grow result speaks for itself. The time has finally come to say goodbye to the 8 bulb fluorescent grow fixture and embrace the future and that future is the NextLight Veg8.


  • Equal performance to a standard 8-bulb fluorescent grow fixture using less than half of the electricity.
  • Never having to buy new bulbs again.
  • Much lower heat output compared to the 8-bulb fluorescent fixture.
  • Lower electrical usage, less heat output, and never needing to buy bulbs again equals huge long-term savings.
  • 5 Year warranty.


  • None

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