NextLight Veg8 vs. Hortilux PowerVEG

June 21, 2017

NextLight Veg8 vs. Hortilux PowerVEG

How does the NextLight Veg8 stack up against one of the best 8 tube T5 fixtures on the market with Hortilux PowerVEG bulbs? The results will surprise you. View this side by side video and see for yourself.

NextLight vs. PowerVEG

Keep in mind, the NextLight Veg8 is only using 190 watts compared to the T5 fixture with 450 watts at the wall, that's less than half the wattage! Of course, with NextLight's Veg 8 there's less heat to deal with as well, potentially lowering cooling costs, especially in the summer months.

The Setup

Johnny’s Allstar Gourmet Lettuce Mix was used, starting from seeds using Rockwool Starter Cubes. Once germinated, the best cubes were selected and split up over a 4’ by 4’ NFT table. The entire table was fed from the same reservoir, the only variable is lighting!

The NextLight Veg8, 190w LED grow light was placed side by side with a 4' Quantum BadBoy, 8 Tube T5, 488-watt fixture with an actual power draw of 450 watts. The BadBoy fixture is outfitted with 8 HORTILUX PowerVEG bulbs, with Hortilux's suggested VEG formula:

  • 4 PowerVEG Full Spectrum+UV lamps
  • 2 PowerVEG 420 lamps
  • 2 PowerVEG 460 lamps

The Results

After 30 days, the NextLight Veg8 produced 88 oz and the BadBoy fixture fitted with 8 Hortilux's finest PowerVEG bulbs only produced 60 oz. The Veg8 produced 47% more lettuce than the leading T5 fixture!

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