Horticulture Lighting Group HLG-600H Quantum Board LED Kit V2 Rspec


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NEW - Rspec Quantum Board for Enhanced Flowering and General Use!

A Preinstalled External Dimmer Knob Now Comes Standard with All 600H Kits (Ready to Assemble and Preassembled) Without the Bluetooth Option

This DIY kit will easily replace any 1000 Watt HID using only 620 Watts of power producing a massive 1540 PPF total output! To put this in perspective, a single ended 1000 watt produces around 1250 PPF total. The HLG-600H produces 20% more light than the SE1000 watt with 40% less power! The 600H uses 4 ultra high efficiency V2 Rspec Quantum Boards driven by a Mean Well HLG-600H-54B LED Driver and is available as a preassembled and tested kit (recommended) or a ready to assemble DIY kit.

The new R-Spec spectrum will enhance flowering while still being a great all-around light from seed to harvest. The excellent performing QB-288 V2's in 3000k and 4000k are also available.

An optional Bluetooth controller is available for wireless scheduling and dimming via iOS or Android app. Full-color basic wiring diagrams are included with all ready to assemble 600H DIY kits.

The HLG 600H Rspec Quantum Board kit with 1088 Highest Bin Samsung LM301B LED's and 64 Osram deep red diodes is the most efficient grow light kit on the market. Enjoy lower energy cost, less heat, and more output. A 4% efficiency gain over the previous model!

General Spectrum Info:

Rspec - Enhanced Flowering and General Use.

3000k - Flowering and General Use.
4000k - Vegetative Phase or as a Primary Veggie Light.

Custom configurations are available upon request, just contact us with your configuration.


  • Dimmable: 65-620 Watts with the External Dimmer Knob (Standard)
  • Bluetooth Wireless Controller (Optional)
  • Veg Footprint: 6’ x 7’
  • Recommended Flower Footprint: 4’ x 4’ or 5’ x 5’
  • 1540 PPF Total Output!
  • Passive Cooling
  • Dimensions: 29" x 15.5" x 3.5"
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • 4x QB-288 V2 Boards (Rspec or QB-288 V2) with Samsung LM301B Highest Bin Diodes and Osram Deep Red Diodes (Rspec)
  • 1x Slate 5 Quad Predrilled 740mm Heatsink
  • HLG-600H-54B LED Driver (Standard Driver) or Inventronics EUD600S LED Driver for Bluetooth Controller (Optional Driver)
  • High Quality 8ft 120 Volt Power Cord (Custom Trimmed and Stripped for Included Cable Joiner)
  • Optional 8ft 240 Volt Power Cords are Available Upon Request at No Additional Cost
  • 1 AC Cable Joiner Connector- IP68 (Waterproof)
  • 7 Double Wago Connectors for AC and DC Wiring Connections
  • 4 Triple Wago Connectors (for Alternative DC Wiring Configurations)
  • (Optional) Bluetooth Controller: MeshTek Controller, Controller's Housing, 2 Double & 1 Triple Wago Connectors with an Easy to Read Full-Color Controller Wiring Diagram
  • 4' Solid Core Wire
  • Hanger Clips and 1 Pair of Adjustable Rope Ratchets (for Use with Hanger Clips)
  • Basic Full-Color Wiring Diagram (Ready to Assemble Kits)


  • Mean Well QB-288 V2 Rspec - Lamp Efficiency: 2.61 µmol/J
  • Mean Well QB-288 V2 - Lamp Efficiency: 2.51 µmol/J
  • Inventronics QB-288 V2 Rspec - Lamp Efficiency: 2.5 µmol/J
  • Inventronics QB-288 V2 - Lamp Efficiency: 2.4 µmol/J


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