In 2016 Johnson Grow Lights and Northern Grow Lights merged together and founded Horticulture Lighting Group. With the combined expertise and experience HLG designed the first high-density modular light engine for horticulture called the Quantum Board. Since its launch, Quantum Boards have created a new revolution in the horticulture lighting industry by not only improving the efficiency standard of white light in horticulture but also by making efficiency affordable.

HLG is always researching and improving our designs to ensure we provide best quality product to customers.Northern Grow Lights

Started in 2015 and first company to introduce Pin heat sinks for Horticulture lighting. Pin heat sinks enabled new lighting designs with less weight and reliable passive cooling. First company to promote splayed Pin heat sinks, SSTX for superior COB cooling. Introduced Citizen COB to help lower cost for horticulture lighting.

Johnson Grow Lights

Started in 2015 and first company to introduce forced air cooled LED based fixture called Maximizer. This designed offered advantage of significant cutting down the cooling requirements for grow space. First company to offer high efficiency COB based LED fixtures at retail locations.