-  Made in the USA -

The NextLight Commercial Series is the Most Efficient Full Spectrum LED Product Line, Period. 

In 2010, Nick Brumm, the founder of NextLight, had an idea while visiting a greenhouse to create a grow light that would use 50% less electricity and heat effectively reducing the cost of each plant by 25%. In 2011 NextLight was born compiling years of development that took the indoor lighting industry to the next level by designing grow lights that would match an HPS as close as possible. Today’s series of NextLights use the best LEDs money can buy. They have gone through extensive thermal design testing to determine the most efficient way of running LEDs at very high current. The result is that they can maintain a 70,000-hour rating at 100 degrees Fahrenheit all while driving the LEDs at a current that would melt most other manufacturers LEDs. NextLight stands behind their products with a 5 year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee.