California Lightworks Controller

The SolarSystem Controller Works with All SolarSystem Lights and Can Control an Unlimited Number of Lights from a Single Controller.

The controller allows automated programming for spectrum control, 24-hour timer and day/week/month calendar. Now it is possible to program an entire grow cycle automatically with a single light – varying the spectrum, the length of the day, transitions from veg to bloom, final finishing modes, sunrise sunset – all in a low cost easy to program digital controller.

The SolarSystem Controller features programmable 0% to 99% spectrum control over three spectrum ranges – Blue, White, and Red. You can use the controller in manual mode only to adjust the light spectrum or use the digital clock and calendar to run custom light recipes over a day, week, month or entire season. Programs can be saved for specific crops or strains. You can also use the view mode to work in natural white light and then switch back to high power reds and blues for accelerated growth.

"Take Control of Your Grow Operation!"

Solar System Controller Features:

  • Touch screen digital controller.
  • Manual or automatic programmable spectrum control.
  • Automatic multi-voltage power supply.
  • 24-hour clock with minute by minute programming.
  • 0% – 100% three band spectrum control.
  • Day/Week/Month/Season Calendar.
  • Save multiple programs and routines.
  • One touch view mode for natural white lighting.
  • Battery power back-up.
  • Green backlit screen will not disturb light depravation.
  • Network an unlimited number of lights from a single controller.
  • Uses RJ-11 data cables for secure networking.
  • Micro USB port for downloading programs and system updates.
  •  Made in America.

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