California Lightworks SolarStorm 880 LED Grow Light


 Powerful and Proven, the SolarStorm 880 Replaces a 1000 HPS Adding an Overlooked and Important Spectrum to Your Grow, UVB!


The SS880 features 288 top bin OSRAM LED diodes and a unique supplemental "UVB mode" which is essential for developing a potent and flavorful harvest. The reason this unique attribute is so important is because the sun naturally contains large amounts of UVB and high pressure sodium (HPS) lights don't deliver any significant levels of this spectrum. This light employs two unique fluorescent UVB bulbs integrated into the fixture with a separate control. The supplemental lights are typically turned on during final few weeks or “finishing phase" of the flowering cycle to increase terpenes, essential oil production, and boost the potency of the final harvest. This incredible light was designed in America by growers for growers and has a large following of satisfied customers with track record of superior results. You can also expect outstanding made in America quality craftsmanship with a three year warranty.

SolarStorm 880 Specifications

  • Flower Footprint 4' x 4' area 
  • Veg Footprint 7' x 7' area
  • A switch to change the spectrum from Veg to Bloom
  • Two supplemental built-in UVB bulbs
  • Super high flux 5W LED diodes
  • High Efficiency Universal Voltage Drivers
  • Dimentions: 23" X 18" X 5"
  • Weight: 23 lbs
  • Latest high efficiency diodes
  • High quality ceramic substrates
  • Best quality glass primary optics that results in 10-15% more light while using the same amount of power
  • Brand new proprietary design provides a constant current driver
  • Universal Voltage: 90-277VAC
  • High quality, in-house manufacturing.
  •  Made in the USA

Power Consumption of the SolarStorm 880

  • In Veg mode, the unit consumes 475Watts
  • In Bloom mode, the unit consumes 650Watts
  • In Bloom mode with the UVB T8 bulbs on, the unit consumes 680 Watts

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